I was born in a tiny Texas town...Okay, maybe I'm starting too soon. Instead, let me skip ahead to chapter four, where the real story begins. (ahem)

I wish I'd been one of those kids with a burning desire to hold a pen before I could hold a spoon. But no such luck. Instead, I spent my childhood in the city, rooting around for loose change in drainage ditches, climbing rusty nail fences without shoes, and learning how to ride a bike without hands (helmet? what helmet?). Ah, the seventies. Between dare-devil feats, I read and read and read. In my house, books were the most highly anticipated Christmas, birthday, or anytime present. In fact, I still possess a handful of tattered treasures: Norman the Doorman, The Casual Observer, Corduroy, tons of Richard Scarry (my idol), The King with Six Friends, and a pop-up ABC book held together with yellowed tape and love. It's no wonder that I became a writer.

I spent my junior high and high school years back in that tiny Texas town on my family's ranch, pitching rocks and listening to George Strait because we didn't have TV. No, really, we didn't have TV. During these years, I read even more: anything by Stephen King, Clan of the Cave Bear, The Once and Future King, Watership Down, Flowers in the Attic, Forever, and hundreds of other books from the library and used book store. Finally, I left for college to get a degree in marketing, got married, and spent the next ten years being creative for other people. At night, I'd fuel my imagination with hard-boiled detective novels by Raymond Chandler, Jim Thompson, et al. When I became a mother, I decided to stay home and create the things I held most sacred.

After years of reading books on craft, attending conferences, taking workshop, participating in critique groups, and writing several “practice” novels and picture books, I finally scored a contract with Tricycle Press, a subsidiary of Random House. I'd clawed my way to holy ground! The same ground that Richard Scarry once (metaphorically) stood on! And then...the press closed. Sad for me, sad for my editor who was out of a job. I spent the next few years working with two different literary agents just as many authors were breaking into self-publishing. By the time I jumped into the indie movement, the route had been well-paved by pioneers.

In addition to being a marketing guru, writer, wife, and mother, I'm also a stargazer, decent piano player, Tim Burton fan, vegetarian, jazz aficionado, tree hugger, film noir buff, spiritual seeker, manhattan drinker, Hemingway / Fitzgerald worshipper, and wishful thinker. Oh, and I love the deliciously dark side of life.



Thirty Second Bio

My background is in marketing, and I spent over a decade working for different companies, including a high-profile Fortune 100 company and a well-known non-profit. My various titles over the years include: internet marketing manager, product manager, membership manager, and community outreach director.

Thanks to new publishing paradigms, I am a writer, editor, ghostwriter, and speaker/instructor. The experience gained during my "9 to 5" career helped me launch my micro-press, Jumping Jackalope Press.

I wear a few other hats as well, serving as board member for the American Root Reading Series and organizing founder of the Space City Scribes. I also hire out my marketing and project managment services to various companies.

Now that I'm an entreprenuer, life has never been better.