"I cannot say enough about the developmental expertise of Monica. I have had my middle grade novel professionally done, spending over $1,600+, and it wasn't worth half of what Monica has done for me."

     - Maria Ashworth

"I want to thank Monica Shaughnessy for being very detailed in her editor's notes. She gave me wonderful suggestions on how to show instead of tell, up the suspense factor of my book, and showed me how to share the characters' motives in a way to give more impact to the readers. I'll always be thankful for her new outline she created for me. She was professional and encouraging throughout the entire process while giving honest insight into how to strengthen my story."

     - Yawatta Hosby, author of Twisted Obsession

"Thank you so much for your kind words and VERY helpful comments. You have a lot of good ideas and I will be starting to rework my chapter book series based on your suggestions."

     - Bryan Kile

"If you are looking for an extraordinary editor, contact Monica Shaughnessy. She is a wiz at making sense of your story and getting you back on the right track."

     - Ellen Leventhal

"I highly recommend Monica's editorial service. She recently reviewed a children's story of mine. I found her editorial feedback to be comprehensive, well-considered and clear. She quickly assimilated the areas that needed attention and provided clear strategies to improve plot, structure, and rhyme."

     - Fleur Wiig

"Monica helps me understand my manuscript's weak spots. As a result, I am now making better decisions in regards to character development, story structure, and the importance of setting."

     - Tina Wissner



In addition to being an author, I'm also a developmental editor and would love to help you with your project.

Languid prose is not enough to save a story. Your manuscript will fail if character arcs and plot points don't accelerate the story in a logical and emotionally resonant way. Let me put my decade of experience to work for you.

A developmental editor can:

- fix a sagging middle

- polish a lackluster beginning

- add emotional punch to an ending

- tidy a messy storyline

- rein in meandering sub-plots

- unify theme with story goals


When should you use a developmenal editor?

- Before the writing. You can use a developmental editor during the outlining stages, to get feedback on the overall structure of your novel before you begin.

- After the writing. You can use a developmental editor after the book is writen, but before you either self-publish or submit to agents and editors. If you're serious about writing, whatever you show readers should be as  tight as you can make it.

Why choose me?

- I know books are subjective. Unlike some editors, I won't *usually* pass on a project due to lack of interest in the genre. The only books I'll pass on are erotica and highly technical non-fiction.

- I'm cheap. I usually charge $3 a page for longer projects (above 5,000 words) and $30 per hour for shorter works, picture books, and outline coaching. I also do content editing at $2 a page. These rates are subject to change, however. Please contact me for a precise quote.

- I do good work. Take a look at my recomendations below.



If you'd like more information about my services or need a quote, drop me a line. To put you at ease, I'll do a FREE "first page" evaluation of your manuscript so you can sample my services.